Your success.


Richard W.

"Since joining Imagine Fitness, I have more energy and better balance, flexibility and coordination. You get a great return on investment here."



"If you have a desire to change your life, to make it more joyful, participative, to feel better about yourself then give Imagine Fitness a try. It has made a significant difference in my life. In my first Transformational Coaching session with Aaron, he helped me see things so clearly and simply. Because of this session, I have learned to be more open, even if it means being vulnerable and as a result, I'm developing deeper relationships. Everyday I am grateful for the decision to join IF and the difference in my life. I look forward to my training sessions but the deep joy is seeing the impact Imagine Fitness has had in my daily life."


Dana R.

"Since joining, I've lost 65lbs, gone down 5 pant sizes, I sleep better than ever and have more energy to deal with work & other activities. The best part of IF is the encouraging environment and the way my training is always changing. You will not regret coming here."



"Since joining IF, I am stronger, healthier, more mentally clear and I feel better about myself. I love that my workouts constantly change so my body stays in a progressive mode of upward results and I never get bored doing the same thing over and over again. IF's way of doing things is unique from any other training I've experienced for getting the best results for everyone's goals. You will see a wealth of benefits not just from a physical standpoint, but also mentally, emotionally, etc...IF is about the whole well being for all."



"Imagine Fitness has helped me get stronger - both mentally and physically. Their approach looks at the nutritional and mental inputs that affect you, in addition to incorporating critical exercises that help your body move better and more efficiently. I suffer from an autoimmune disease and as a result of going to IF, I feel more energetic, have less flare ups and fuel my body better. I'm constantly setting goals on things I didn't believe I was capable of doing and achieving them with the positive support from the IF team. IF is definitely worth the investment in yourself. What you gain doesn’t just impact you in getting into better shape, but also helps in providing you with the tools to be successful in all areas of your life."



"Since becoming a member, my overall health has improved significantly - I feel better, move easier and am stronger in everyday life. The best part of IF is the support and love that comes from Aaron. I have a coach who believes in and encourage me to be my best. He truly cares about my physical and emotional health."


Richard L.

"When I came to Imagine Fitness, my focus was on improving my posture and flexibility as both had been poor for decades and were getting worse. Aaron tailored my training to address both issues and I've noticed a huge improvement. Plus, my strength has increased and I feel better about my appearance. IF supplies the complete package - mindset, eating habits and fitness."